Travel Costs:

Due to the financial implications of traveling to some areas of the country, it is our policy to charge additional travel costs for some events.

The extra costs of petrol and deisel along with the additional time spent traveling are the main reasons for these additions. Also due to traveling late at night, safety of the band members is also taken into consideration with regard to the need for accommodation supplied for some venues. 
**Travel distances are measured from our Base in Kill, Kildare.**

Additional travel costs are as follows (prices as of January 2015):

AREA 1 : within 1 hour  of Base* - €0

AREA 2 : within 2 hours of Base outside AREA 1* - €100

AREA 3 : within 3 Hours of Base outside AREA 2* - €200, may require Accommodation to be supplied.

AREA 4 : over 3 hours from Base* - €300 and supplied accommodation required.

AREA 5: over 4 hours from our base* - €400 and supplied accommodation required.

*all journey times are estimated using google maps at off peak traffic times.

Examples areas:

AREA 1 : Wicklow, Carlow, Edenderry, Navan, Drogheda, Kilkenny.
AREA 2 : Wexford, Waterford, Tipperary, Longford, Dundalk, Cavan.
AREA 3 : Castlebar, Ennis, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Belfast.
AREA 4 : Skibbereen, Tralee, Dingle, Achill, Derry

AREA 5: parts of Donegal, Kerry

We are always open to negotiation with regards to these costs and accommodations. But require an agreement to be made prior to full booking being confirmed.